Listen to ⁦ @JRubinBlogger⁩. She speaks as a longtime conservative Republican, so she KNOWS the party. “ Democrats needn’t accept this narrative that Biden or BLM must bring a stop to the violence Trump is creating. They must denounce HIM for it.
Trump is using an age-old tactic of white supremacists called “acceleration.” Rubin quotes @BrookingsInst: This phenomenon — reveling in violence from racial divisions they stoke — is part of the white supremacist playbook, specifically the phenomenon known as “accelerationism.”
More Rubin: on the media playing our part, unfortunately...
And the Republicans are playing their usual role: quietly or not so quietly soaking up the bennies of the old Southern strategy, now being used well outside the South so it should be renamed just Trumpism.
And Democrats risk falling into the trap...
Bottom line: watch the Portland mayor, who is calling Trump out directly for sparking this violence. Trump LITERALLY tweeted: “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Biden should remind him of that when he gets to Kenosha. This is Trump violence, in Trump’s America.
And no, we are not safe. None of us are.
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