Your daily reminder that policies based on individual compliance are doomed to fail because people are people and none of us are compliant with anything 100%
There are ~countless~ examples

Earlier this year in Australia, we had record-breaking wildfires

Most of them were probably started by people!
This is a great example of the compliance issue

Most of these fires, you see, were not arson - they were accidental. People starting fires that they were sure they could control (against the rules) that got out of control
Campers, farmers, etc, all sure they were the exception to the rule and causing massive property damage and loss of life
Point is, most people probably didn't break the rules. Most campers adhere to regulations, most places fires didn't break out

But those few that did were immensely destructive
Which is the point - even with regulation it's hard to create a situation where ~everyone~ complies with a directive

So if your idea relies on that happening, it's probably not going to work
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