Discipleship begins with a set of questions and ends with an infinite set of declarations. It begins with questions about our existence and God's. It will culminate in never ending declarations about God: his glory, goodness, and grace.
The path of discipleship is that of a theologian (theo-logia), not one who merely speculates on the existence and nature of God, not one who can only talk about God, but one whose speech is of God and to his glory, one who's speech is knowingly before and toward God.
The critical task of discipleship is to find one's voice to speak of, about, toward, to, and with God. The Christian life is a confessional life; we confess our sins; we confess our faith in our Lord. It is to speak the truth we have come to know. It is the testimony of our heart
The Spirit is being poured out on believers so that we might proclaim the things of God. The Spirit comes into believers to pray with and for them, to share and aid their voice. The Spirit comes alongside believers to teach them and lead them "into all truth."
The church must make room for the questions and testimonies of believers. If we fail to find ways to release their voices we hinder their spiritual growth, we quench the Spirit and we silence the voice of God. The freedom of the Spirit is freedom to speak from the heart.
One measurement of the health of a church is the degree of freedom to speak. It is a very unhealthy church that has only one voice that can speak freely whether that be the pastor or someone else. Without freedom to speak there can be no freedom for discernment by the church.
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