“i’m straight but i’d go gay for her” “i wish i was bi/lesbian” “unfortunately i’m straight” ... Motherfucker i will run you over with my car
you don’t wish you were gay, it’s not a fucking personality trait and it’s not fucking fun when you have to fear your family & friends leaving/hurting you and the possibility of being physically (and mentally) harmed just because you’re lgbtq
saying “i’d go gay / bi for them” is harmful because it makes it seem like it’s a choice. as a lgbtq person, it hurts to see straight people say this because it makes it seem like my sexuality which has been a struggle for me my entire life is a CHOICE. it’s not.
saying bullshit like “i wish i was gay / unfortunately i’m straight” is harmful, bc you’re not acknowledging that because you’re straight you’re privileged. you’ll never have to fear for your safety just bc of your sexuality :/ you don’t wish you were gay. it’s not easy.
in conclusion saying this bullshit when you’re cishet is incredibly harmful & hurtful to lgbtq folks so if you respect us, don’t fucking say it
in case i was unclear, i’m referring to people who KNOW they are straight and do this. not ppl who are questioning. it’s okay to question your sexuality! we’ve all been there and self discovery is valid. but even so, don’t use words that make being lgbtq seem like it’s a choice.
ppl are misunderstanding my point so bad omg so ill say it again: i’m NOT talking about people who are questioning or have/had internalized homophobia i’m talking about people who KNOW they are straight and still say this stuff even after being informed it’s harmful!!
Omg the cishet men found this tweet
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