Voorzitter Kenny Van Minsel van LOKO herinnert zich het voorval: “Volgens wat toen aan ons is gerapporteerd, deden clubleden meerdere racistische uitspraken. De hele tijd ‘n****’ en opmerkingen over hoe die jongen ‘als zwarte de blanken moest bedienen’.” https://bit.ly/3hJtazY 
The blatant racism from students and professors in Leuven has to be taken seriously by the university.
Too often, students who speak out against (institutional) racism face tougher consequences from the university than those who perpetuate it.
I've seen and experienced it.
I'm tired of studying at a university that limits it's anti-racism to lip service, hollow declarations & symbolic actions once in a blue moon.
Meanwhile, Black students are dying, experiencing anxiety, imposter syndrome & nervous breakdowns due to racism on campus.
When we do take the step to go to (mental) health professionals in the university, we hardly come across ones who understand the colossal impact of anti-Black racism on our lives & wellbeing as Black students in a university that facilitates racism.
KU Leuven must do better.
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