The TL looks like it could use another TikTok thread... ready!?
My fav thing about this video is how into that Capri-sun my man is!
I mean... PUPPIES!
This is some EXPERT Dad trolling!
She rated her whole family doing MBJ’s heyyyyyyy... so cute.
It’s the smile at the end for me...
This made me laugh.
His voice!
I mean SISTERS!!!
This girl asks questions she wonders about America & American life. It’s a very amusing premise.
Grandma is back - this time rating the members of BTS. She has the same bias as I do (RM!!!)
I’ve seen the resulting video that was captured mid record... this one is better lol
Another WAP inspired gem.
Okay last one for today. I hope Deborah Cox knows how popular this is on TikTok. Black people go ham when this comes on!
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