This is exactly right by Biden. It's also exactly what polls show most Americans think, and only people who spend too much time on this web site don't realize this. Fortunately for Democrats, Biden is not one of them and consistently speaks for the country instead of Twitter.
Biden is good at this and the Democrats in the primary who picked him knew what they were doing. Imagine how Bernie (and even Warren) would be twisting into pretzels to avoid ticking off Twitter surrogates on violence, rioting, and looting. Biden doesn't give Trump an inch.
This isn't just politics. Biden's position that violence is unacceptable, no matter your ideology, and that Trump is the one stoking the flames in America that lead to it, has the advantage of being true. It's easier to win when your standards are clear, correct, and popular.
We're about to see this bad faith Trumpist cycle again:

Biden campaign issues strong statement condemning violence.

"Oh, but it's his campaign, not him."

Biden does video repeating the statement.

"Oh, it's not a live speech."

Remember: You don't have to play this silly game.
Biden has condemned violence over and over again. The fact that you don't know this suggests you are being misled by your sources of information. I suggest finding new ones that respect you enough to tell you the truth.
Now that Biden has announced he will be giving a speech tomorrow, expect to hear: "But he didn't give it in Kenosha" and "Too late!" Again, these people are not actually interested in Biden saying the things they claim to agree with, they are just interested in reelecting Trump.
This is exactly what is going to happen, because it's what always happens every time Biden gives an interview or a speech. It's not about Biden being in a basement, it's about Trump's campaign trying to keep their supporters in one so they don't know what Biden is really saying.
Biden could scale Mt. Everest, livestream himself doing the macarena, then sled down the entire mountain, and it would make absolutely no difference for the hermetically sealed Trump bubble, which would continue to insist no matter the evidence that he is still in his basement.

"Why won't Biden condemn the violence?"

"He's been silent for 90 days!"

Here's a crazy thought: Maybe it's not Biden who's stuck in his basement and unaware of reality!
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