I am convinced this is why they raided Breonna Taylor’s house. They thought she was holding cash for her ex-. She was never a suspect. They knew he wasn’t there b/c he’d been taken into custody 10 miles away. https://twitter.com/samswey/status/1299944430351380482
They got a no-knock warrant to go on a wild goose chase for cash. They thought she was alone.
Here’s the story. Ex lied. Trying to get somebody to bond him out on a charge, he lied and said Bree keeps his money. He knew it was a lie. Police heard the tapes and decided to go after the fictional cash. https://twitter.com/goldietaylor/status/1300116131420794880?s=21 https://twitter.com/goldietaylor/status/1300116131420794880
Cash and property forfeitures go into departmental treasure chests. Getting it back, even when proven innocent, is next to impossible. They thought they would find $14,000. Breonna died over a lie and greed.
Gentrification is another part of the story. Elliott Street was an easy mark for takeover. Low rent, run down houses in a drug trap. They sent 60 cops on another raid that same night.
They hit Elliott and picked up Breonna’s ex and his crew. But the city was already seizing and bulldozing homes. Lock up the rest, clear it out for “revitalization.”
Police were glad to see the “wrong house” theory take flight. It was a nice cover for the real story. They had the right house. They were on a cash grab.
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