Please don't tag me into patronizing threads lecturing Black people on what *we* need to do to ensure Trump does not win. Imagine telling Black people to respond "intelligently" when 90 percent of Black Americans voted against Trump while a majority of white Americans vote for.
So, one, you don't get to tell people how they should respond to their own oppression. Two, please, please help me understand how Black people who protest peacefully are supposed to control and take responsibility for the tiny fringe of people who decide to loot and burn things.
No one organizing these protests is "getting" Black Americans to loot and riot, further, you know just as I know that a significant amount of the rioting, looting and physical violence has not been perpetrated by Black protestors.
Are you, are white Americans writ large, responsible for that violence? Are you, are white Americans writ large, responsible for Rittenhouse's alleged acts that killed two protestors? You see how ludicrous is that argument?
Police can't stop the looting and arson, but peaceful protesters are supposed to stop what happens at night long after the official protests have ended, and if not, they prove they are "mindless and impulsive?" You actually wrote this?
Trust and believe, no one understands the trap we are in more than Black Americans. We either silently submit to oppression or protest in accepted and "dignified" manner the most brutal treatment and violations of our rights or we'll be blamed for turning people racist.
The trap is being Black in America.
Imagine lecturing Black people on how they need to be intelligent and prove they are not animals while simultaneously arguing that Black people have to save white Americans from tipping to fascism.
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