Its Time.
If you have read my previous Antarctica digs, you’ll know that there is a seeming hyper interest in the area by the world elite. In the current era, it dates back to Hitler and his obsession with the occult, and its effect on Nazi/Aryan destiny.
I'll touch briefly on the Nazi landing and “base”, but that is NOT the primary direction of this thread.
Admiral Byrd ran into some pretty crazy difficulties down under as well during Operation High Jump. If we take away the flying discs, he still had to deal with the temps and the crazy issues that -60* cold brings to everything.
The Nazi’s surveyed, and many believe found there an opening to a lush hidden world, an area called Neu-Schwabenland. I have the original Nazi map I’ll include, along with my own mock-up of it on Google Earth, so we can compare it with modern things.
There is supposedly an opening to this base 211 in the Svarthamaren Mountain range. I’ll include a picture out of a book I have that gives this information. Again, marked on Google Earth. Notice the proximity to the Norwegian Troll Station?
More info for the above tweet. Too much to fit into one.
Also notice that the preponderance of bases located within the “Nazi” mapped area, seem to be predominately Blond and Blue types? I don’t think its anything in particular, but something of interest to note given the Nazi pre-occupation with that “ideal” racial type.
Then we get to Admiral Byrd and Operation High Jump. More specifically his supposed diary of said operation and its results. His death not long after, and the odd contents of his diary have been the speculation of conspiracy theorists for decades now.
But if we have learned anything in the past two years, conspiracy theory is NOT a bad word. It just means more digging is needed.
Now you are saying, “ok, that’s cool and all, but we know all of that! We expect better of you Danno!”. Alas, I am aware of this, but I come bearing gifts! I swear! NO! NO ROTTEN TOMATOES YET!
Now before we go any further, ALL of the Google Earth stuff that you will see in this thread are images and locations of my own work. Meaning I took the time to plot and verify the location of each and everything I have tagged as a point in these maps. As far as I know this...
may be the MOST COMPLETE mapping of points in Antarctica. I looked for months for something like it and couldnt find anything, so I decided to make my own. I will share the Google Earth KML file with you all here so that you can apply it to your own copy of GE and play with it..
at your leisure. This is a link to my anon Google Drive where I have all my sharable stuff stashed. This goes directly to the Antarctica KML file, which should be fully up to date.
On, moving on.
Do I think any of the above has anything to do with what I am going to show below? Eh, other than the search for the Occultic unknown, no. Neu-Schwabenland is too far out of the way, by HUNDREDS of miles, to even be a part of what I bring forth below.
Before I get going too much on the “new” stuff, let me say this has taken me well over 6 months to get to the point of being able to write this. Ever since my first dig on Antarctica I've had a suspicion that something big was down there, something inherently Evil.
In fact, I was on the verge of going further on that original dig, but something kept me from doing so. I was sorta freaked out about it, to be honest. My dig buddies will attest to this as we talked about it. I decided to walk away for a while.
I am glad that I did, as the extra time let me approach the problem from another few angles and I have resolved it to my own satisfaction. I WAS right, but not in the way that I was originally thinking. And I think now is the time for this to come out. Back then was too early.
So, after 6 months, let's move onward.
Let’s stay in the modern discovery era of Antarctica. Specifically, let us focus on Mt. Erebus. The most active volcano in Antarctica, one of only FIVE volcanoes in the world with an active lava lake, and the focus of seeming interest of many elites.
Instead of talking, I’ll let a wiki screen cap do the work.
Now Erebus is an interesting name. Let’s see what  has to say about its meaning.
A personification of Darkness, AND a place of darkness in the underworld on the way to Hades? Huh. Interesting.

Let’s continue.
As noted above, the continual lava lake in Mt Erebus is one of only FIVE in the world. So, in the personification of darkness, and a place of darkness on the way to the underworld, we have a lake of fire.
Oh, did I mention that its at the bottom of a pit? What do you think that the bottom of a crater is? And it happens to be at the bottom of the World too. Is this starting to ring any bells yet? I sure am hoping so…. and yes, these are images of Mt Erebus lava lake
Some other interesting bits about Mt Erebus. Recently geologists spent TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars in seismically mapping the mountain. This was done by laying hundreds of sensors, about 6’ long, all over the mountain in a grid pattern.
This was covered in one of the many Antarctic specials I found on the History Channel, and I can't for the life of me remember which one. If any of you figure it out let me know please, I'd like to add it as sauce.
Now, why would they go to that effort for THIS mountain, which has little to no effect on humanity, when there are hundreds of other volcanoes that have not had an internal survey at this level of detail done ever? I mean, hello, Mt St Helens? I KNOW they haven't done that there
I will post a video later that explains part of what I think they are looking for, and how it's achieved ( Fumaroles ), but I think they are trying to map the passages within the mountain itself. We have been all but told that they are there.
Another thing of interest, is that the main US base, McMurdo Station, is only 22 miles away. The closest base to the Mountain.
Also notice how chopped up the satellite imagery is in the Mt Erebus area? Think that there are things to hide there?
Ok, now let’s move to the OTHER side of the continent, but at the other end of the same mountain chain that comprises Mt Erebus and the backbone of the continent.
Have you heard of the Ark of Gabriel? No, neither had I until recently. But its “appearance” occasioned some pretty spectacular meetings and trips of some unlikely people to the land WAY down under. (Antarctica… )
So, we have the Patriarch Kirill of the Eastern Orthodox church, meeting with the POPE for the first time in 1000 years, and then immediately departing and taking this Ark of Gabriel with him to Antarctica, theoretically to the only consecrated church on that continent.
How does this tie in with Mt Erebus? Well, let's take a look at some interesting Geology and Topography of the area. There is basically a mountain range that runs the entire width of Antarctica, from Mt Erebus on one end, to the top of the Antarctic Peninsula on the other.
The Russian church is on the Antarctic peninsula. Ill mark it plainly on the map for all to see so that you can get an idea of what we are talking about.
Now, we have two ends. What’s in the middle? Well, funny you should ask. If you read both of my previous digs on Antarctica, you’ll know that right smack dab in the middle, is one of the pyramid “mountains” that exist down there.
But it goes even deeper than that.
Remember the mention of Buzz Aldrin and his trip, and then the tweet “We are all in danger. It is evil itself”. For the sake of argument, I am going to accept that its a genuine tweet. There has been some conjecture that it was a hoax, but Ive yet to see anything concrete on that
Funny enough, Google Earth even has a name tagged for that Pyramid. Temple of the One. Wait, what? Temple of the One? WTF over?
As discussed in my previous thread, this “temple” has near it the ONLY two PRIVATELY OWNED blue ice runways on the entire continent.
Part of that can be explained away by the fact that the highest mountain in Antarctica is only 90 miles away, but the peak conquering drive of mountaineers can't justify the expense of two blue ice runways.
On the other hand, if the company provides logistical support for a fee, they can justify anything they want. Oh, looky there……
And yes, these are the guys that run those two runways. Dig on the website and you'll see.
Now, let's pop back to Mt Erebus. Then Secretary of State John Kerry made a trip down to Antarctica IMMEDIATELY after the 2016 loss by Hillary Clinton. One of his stops was Mt Erebus. I actually have gotten my hands on his Fitbit heatmap track of the time he spent down there.
So why in the hell (no pun intended, I think) would such a high-ranking US Govt official head down that way, at that time, to then travel to the crater of Mt Erebus? Virgin sacrifice?
Well take a look at this video and tell me if this puts you in mind of a fictional mountain description…
I am of course referring to Mt Doom in the Lord of the Rings. Where Frodo and Gollum end up to destroy the one true ring. Via a passage through the side of the crater wall, they end up in an area where they can access the lake of fire. Written about in the 40's...
Now did Kerry go down there to rid themselves of the One Ring? No, of course not. What I DO think he did do, and many other Cabal did before him, is consult with the being that is chained in the Lake of Fire in the Bottomless Pit at the bottom of the World. A stretch? Maybe..
Satan? Beelzebub? Baal? Moloch? The Devil? Whatever you want to call him, he is real, and he exists. He is King of this World via God, and until God comes back, his will has been law. But he has been restrained. Chained and kept from exercising his full might.
So we have an extremely powerful Holy Relic, the Ark of Gabriel, located at one end of this mountain chain,
in the center of this chain, we have the pyramidal Temple of the One, that sent Buzz Aldrin into a medically induced evacuation from the continent, stating “We are all in danger, It is Evil itself”. Possibly a good place to have Evil chained, at the Temple of the One?
Then at the far end, we have Mt Erebus with all of its odd co-inkydinks. A mountain chain that also happens to look a LOT like a snake, which by itself doesn’t mean much, but coupled with all of this other stuff…
Put all of it together, and I have to wonder WTF is really going on down there. It can’t be good
Oh! Rothschild Island. At the Ark of Gabriel end of the continent. Yes, it's real. Yes, it's named. Yes, its spoopy. There are even guided boat tours of Cabal types down in that area who perform art and such onboard these boats as they visit Antarctica.
And looky who is a trustee... hmmm..
Let's talk quickly about Preterism. Basically, it’s the Biblical belief that Revelations has already occurred, either fully, or partially. It is a small group that believes this, but there are Biblical scholars who ascribe to this thought process.
With that said, that means that our basic understanding of Revelations, and specifically the timelines contained therein, COULD be flawed. Badly. Remember, it's important to keep an open mind about much of this. We don’t know what our understanding has been contaminated by.
Does this re-arrange some Biblical order? Yes, yes it does. But we know that the Bible has been tampered with to a large degree over the years, so we have to accept that things might not be exactly as we think them to be. But I’m betting they are close.
Lets also draw some similarities from the Lord of the Rings. The Balrog, was contained within Moria, a mining/city colony deep underground in the middle of a Mountain Chain. Mt Doom and its “forge” of fire. Remember, there is truth in fiction and myth.
Can I draw any hard conclusions from these discoveries? Well, a couple. I fully believe that Satan, or whatever we are going to call Evil, is alive, but constrained as described in the Bible in the Pit. We have the passage to Hades and the Underworld, with its Lake of Fire
We also have this supposedly incredibly powerful artifact down there now. Put it all together, and it looks like we just need Frodo and Samwise to get the job done! But as much as I'd like to keep this light-hearted, I believe its deadly in reality.
Thank you for reading, as always, please check out my pinned tweet for other interesting digs, and feel free to follow me, I WILL follow back all Patriots. Most of the rest of you too 😉
Some added pictures for just added emphasis.
Adding my previous Antarctica threads for ease of access to everyone
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