Portland Assassination Deception/Distraction:

Not much time today but thought It important to get this out. The death in Portland was "Targeted Political Violence" the method was assassination. The event was a tightly controlled pre-planned operation involving at least 10 G's
There are a total of 7 seperate sub-acts to this event: 1) The Spot (heard on the video) 2) The hit 3) "Let's Go" actors run to the scene (not away they knew it was isolated) 4) Narrative Enforcement (Call 911, let me help, I'm a medic, somebody help him)
5) Dis-information to mislead the police and provide cover for the shooter to escape (Car stopped, speed away, Red Car, in that lane) 6) Exfil the team disperses back into the ground. Follow on after negatives are out they double down w/Propaganda increasing Fear affect.
Glad we killed the Nazi---Community Came together & killed the Nazi. glad he's dead etc etc watch the video's.

Tightly controlled, organized & rehearsed, clear end state

Deception/Distraction. All eyes are on Portland. While operative move east.

Watch Baltimore

Watch DC
Call for AG Barr to designate them as Foreign terrorist Organization (call your Senators & Congressman) demand it!!!!!! Support @POTUS to Officially notify Congress & the Activists with a Proclamation to Disperse.

10 U.S. Code § 254

Not an option any longer.
The Republic has tools for this. (Listed above) call you folks now and demand they use them.

This will escalate. You know their plan. Make them eat it.

just sayin...
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