It's been brought to my attention a few times now that my (extremely accurate) experience with WotC has been used or seen as a ward, keeping marginalized people, especially PoC, from applying for Senior and leadership positions at that company.

That's fair, but let's talk.
It is not, by my recommendation, something that I would want people to experience. Not in the environment I was in nor with the leadership I had to deal with.

Applying for positions that can directly challenge that environment and leadership is something I deeply support.
I don't want people to get hurt. However, my experience isn't a sign to never step foot inside of that building. I would hope that instead, it sheds a light on the conditions one may have to deal with, to prepare those who choose to do so and ward away those who expect otherwise.
I am and always will be PRO-progressive action in harmful spaces. I am and always will be PRO-marginalized individuals who use their platform to invoke and inspire change.

I do not and should not blame marginalized people for the harm done by company culture and poor leadership.
Do not forget that there are people in that building (currently metaphorical) who are doing that work. Names you don't know who you often insult and choose to speak for. They know where they are and what challenges they face. They are fighting for what they believe in. Respect it
Put the pressure on those in control to treat marginalized employees and contractors with the respect they deserve.

I see too often the pressure being pushed on these folx from both sides, those they're trying to help and those in power who are keeping them from doing so.
It's the same behavior people have with the Ubisoft team. People truly believe there aren't any extremely uncomfortable marginalized people who were silenced by the fact that they need a job and have extremely limited options in a pandemic? In the gaming industry?
Bet your ass they said something. Fight for those people who are fighting for you. Fight so that they can speak out, so that they have support in leadership, so that we're not cutting down the people who ARE trying to get things done from the inside.

It's bullshit. Stop.
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