Didn't have time to clip this yesterday. I told this man he was clearly not from Portland. He claims he is. When pressed says he's from Happy Valley.

Sir, that's not Portland.

I also took a collection of chud face photos. Shall I share?
OK I threw up in my mouth a few times editing these pics, so please let this effort be worth it.

In other words, Twitter, do your thing.

Let's start with the mace toting 16 year old. I call him Wannabe Kyle.

Heard he's been active at Gresham MAGA rallies with his parents.
As the night went on, the girl in this car looked more and more embarrassed.

Driver stayed smug till it got dark.
These guys really seemed to think they were on the right side of history.

Sidenote: Chuds LOVE Denalis.
Always gotta watch out for the pickup trucks with dents in them.

This dude was no threat to anyone though. Pictured here confused because I called him a chud.
Had to make sure I got every face in the car.

All of em ugly.
Young Chuds of America.

I'll bet all these kids have FFA or JROTC memberships.
This passenger almost falling out of the truck after a sudden stop is a moment I wish I'd captured.
Not a face, but this monstrosity....

Imagine spending your own money on this dumb shit.
I don't know why this lady looks familiar.

I think old guy's shirt says "Black Labs Matter"... cuz racist people like dogs more than Black people.

Let's call this a "dog whistle".
This Dodge truck had government plates. One of the few in the procession with plates clearly visible.

Please ID them.
These guys look like they share a 2 bedroom apartment off Lieser Rd in Vancouver and there's nothing in the fridge but Hamm's and Gogurts.

Told them I was taking chud photos and they posed!
Ladies is chuds too, go on, brush ya shoulders off...
Mans hand says he's a proud chauvinist but his face seems uncertain.

Lotta this going on for sure.

This is my last face pic. After this, the violence started.

Thanks for y'all help.

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