I’ve been running fan accs for 7 years so here’s some advice (thread): https://twitter.com/minsungfairy/status/1299924685899968512
In your responses, you are clear, concise, and address the problem from the perspective of an individual who does not know you. If you said/did something offensive that hurt a party of people, you address them directly at the very beginning of that response to clear the waters. +
Your goal is not to defend yourself, but to make amends with parties you have hurt. Never say things like “the haters said” or “you all cancelled me” because that’s deflecting. Even if you don’t think so, you own 100% of the blame for the situation in the eyes of someone who +
doesn’t know who you are. I’ve said some stupid stuff in the past, but have always respond thoroughly and made an active effort to educate myself and move forward. Even if you apologize and respond well, not everyone is going to accept such apology. They don’t matter, what +
matters is that you educate yourself and become a better person. If in the future someone brings up the same situation, you can clearly respond then from a more educated perspective. Okay so here’s how to structure a response +
Start with a thorough description of the events that have occurred so everyone who reads it has context to the situation. Follow a proper timeline of events and do not skip anything to minimize the situation. Do not use words like “haters” or any type of emotional language. +
Your goal here is to make sure everyone understands what has happened and they themselves don’t come into the situation uneducated. This also shows everyone how well you understand the situation too +
Next, address all parties you have hurt. If you hurt one person, then I’d advise you to first make a personal apology to them if you can then publicly announce that you two had a discussion and then say what you’ve apologized to them. If it’s a large group of people, +
you want to apologize as rationally as you can. Saying I’m sorry over and over again and being upset that people are upset with you isn’t how you do it. If you’re still upset when you make the apology that you got “cancelled”, then you aren’t ready to make the apology/response. +
You should address those people directly then show that you clearly understand what you did wrong. Firmly apologize, say that you will be educating yourself in the future, and DO NOT ask for forgiveness. That’s something people give to you on their own accord. Sometimes +
situations can spiral out of control, but properly responding with rationality can help manage the situation and clear the waters for everyone. Then after you make the response, make efforts to educate yourself and move on with your life. If people constantly bring it back +
up, then you respond to their concerns and reassure them that you’ve grown as a person. You may think “Why do I need to do this? I’m a fan account. It doesn’t matter.”, well congratulations you are indirectly a public figure due to the nature of this website. Thus, you must +
engage in PR (public response) management. If you become a really big account, like I’m talking 20k+ then you should probably look into taking a PR course or learning about it more. Also, just be conscious of what you say online. Use proper internet posting procedures +
and properly show who you are as a person through your account. If you ever need someone to look over your response/apology who will not judge you as long as you hope to do better in the future, my dms are always open. Please know I am neither a professional or +
professionally educated in PR. I’ve done research online and I’ve had experience handling it because of all the fan accounts I’ve run. Anyway, go out there now and be more aware of what you post. 😌

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