🧵Young People killed by COVID - Volume2⃣
The inaction and misinformation of Trump and Republicans kills countless Americans. They flaunt not wearing masks, host super-spreader events and force in-person learning. End this nightmare November 3rd.
⚠️dead at 32
Jessica Beatriz Cortéz from Huntington #California died from #COVID. “This all happened in less than a week,” said her brother. She died alone & leaves behind a 9yo daughter. Another child left to navigate the world without a mother. #MAGA
⚠️dead at 33
Amanda Jo Francis was a nurse in Frankfort #Ohio treating patients on the frontline of the pandemic. Within 5 days of developing a fever she died from #COVID. She leaves behind two sons left to navigate the world without a mother. #MAGA @CTZebra
⚠️dead at 34
Scott Blanks worked as a Dental Assistant in Whittier, #California. He was the life of the dance floor & tackled anything in life with good humor, but one day he let out a rare cry for help. He died 2 weeks later from #COVID. @CTZebra #MAGA
⚠️dead at 34
. @CityPatersonNJ police officer Francesco Scorpo from #NewJersey died from #COVID. He leaves behind a wife and two children left to navigate the world without a father. How many more police have to die due to the inaction of Trump? #MAGA https://twitter.com/GovMurphy/status/1249776732623822851?s=20
⚠️dead at 31
William Prince, Nazko First Nation, from Rapid City, #SouthDakota, father of 3, died from #COVID. He spread joy to everyone & smiled so much they called him “Cheeks" As a teen he was a Golden Gloves Champion, but lost the fight to covid. #MAGA
⚠️dead at 34
Troy Champion from New Orleans, #Louisiana died from #COVID. He was a laid back bartender known for his good drinks and great jokes. He developed difficulty breathing then went into liver, kidney and heart failure. He died alone. #MAGA
⚠️dead at 31
Riley Ray Rumrill from Rainbow City, #Alabama died from #COVID19 in #Massachusetts. His brother rushed to the hospital, to see him but Riley died suddenly. “This thing was a silent killer,” said his father. #MAGA
⚠️dead at 31
Jonathan "Jonny" Shen from Bethlehem, #Pennsylvania died from #COVID. He worked with his mother at a casino, where both of them contracted the virus. He texted his sister before being placed on a ventilator. #MAGA
⚠️dead at 34
Lynzi Marice Isbell from Salt Lake City, #Utah died from #COVID. She loved to travel, collect shells on the beach, watch and laugh at comedies, and bake pastries. She leaves behind two children left to navigate this world alone without a mother. #MAGA
⚠️dead at 29
Rocco Ward Jr. from Gloucester City, #NewJersey died from #COVID. He was a postal worker and champion pool player. He leaves behind his father, stepmom, 4 brothers and a sister. #MAGA
⚠️dead at 31
Miguel Marte from Fairview #NewJersey died from #COVID. He was drafted into the minor leagues as a teenager. He worked in a warehouse before he died. He leaves behind 6-year old twins and a wife. #MAGA https://nypost.com/2020/05/18/remembering-the-lives-of-those-lost-to-the-coronavirus/
⚠️dead at 38
Jorel Alfonso from Eastvale, #California died from #COVID. He leaves behind a wife and 3 children left to navigate the world without a father. How many more have to die until we have a national strategy Trump? #MAGA https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/inland-empire-coronavirus-death-father-of-3/2344285/
⚠️dead at 31
Marny Xiong from #Minnesota died from #COVID. She was a child of Hmong refugees and chair of the St. Paul school board. She and her father both got Coronavirus. He survived, she did not. How many more have to die? #MAGA https://twitter.com/NewDoctorWho/status/1272297236437835776?s=20
⚠️dead at 29
Samantha Diaz, mother of 3, medical assistant from West Palm Beach #Florida died from #COVID. “Sometimes I go without eating. It’s just so painful, so painful, I don’t wish this on anyone,” said her mom. How many more have to die? #MAGA https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/22/obituaries/samantha-diaz-dead-coronavirus.html
⚠️dead at 43
Kenneth Saunders III from DeKalb County, #Georgia was civic leader with a mediating touch. He joined his first local board at 18 and never stopped trying to improve his suburban Atlanta community. @Kenster2076 died from #Covid. #MAGA https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/24/obituaries/kenneth-saunders-dead-coronavirus.html
⚠️dead at 43
Marylou Armer, detective in the Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Team from Santa Rosa, #California died from #COVID. Due to lack of testing she was denied three times, inspiring a movement to protect and screen first responders. #MAGA https://twitter.com/CAgovernor/status/1245857898183274498?s=20
#TrumpKnew... 43 y.o. Sara Montoya DIDN'T and now she's dead from #COVID!
Another young person dies in #Florida due to the failed leadership of @GovRonDeSantis

Brandy Hearne, 41, finance director at the Okaloosa County Tax Collector's Office from Fort Walton Beach died from #COVID19. She leaves behind two children. https://www.nwfdailynews.com/story/news/2020/09/11/florida-single-mother-41-who-died-covid-19-remembered/3466827001/
35 y.o. Melissa Harris from Birmingham #Alabama died from #COVID. Her friends and family gathered in Linn Park urging the community to use masks.
⚠️dead at 45
Tommy Searcy, Captain in the Houston Fire Department in Texas died from #COVID.

I hope families remember in November how Trump and the GOP, left them to die from COVID. All these deaths were preventable.
⚠️dead at 32
Renae Byrd from Jacksonville, #Florida died from #COVID19. After coughing up blood, she delivered her baby via emergent c-section. Baby Isaac Boyd III survived, but mom didn't. Another death on @GovRonDeSantis and Trump. #RememberInNovember
⚠️dead at 44
Jermaine Miller from South Jamaica, Queens, New York died from #COVID. His mother also died from COVID-19 two weeks after he did. #TrumpKnew, but Jermaine and his mom didn't.
⚠️dead at 36
Kalema D. McKethan, a Department of Motor Vehicles employee from South Jamaica, Queens, NY died from #COVID19.

#TrumpKnew but Kalema didn't. “It simply hurts, the way in which she left and the way shortly,” her mom, Lillian McKethan, stated.
⚠️dead at 37
Lenin Portillo, sociology student at Lehman College in New York City died from #COVID...just six weeks prior to graduation. The university granted him a posthumous degree. #TrumpKnew... but Lenin didn't.
⚠️dead at 36
Danielle Christine Arre, lawyer at the firm of James Bonamassa of Brooklyn, New York died from #COVID. She was an only child. Her family is devastated. #TrumpKnew... but Danielle didn't.
⚠️dead at 37
Reynold Anderson-Hewitt, acting instructor from Queens, NY died from #COVID19. "Ray will continue to be present in the lives of all the people who knew and loved him, to all of us, he will never be past tense."
#TrumpKnew... Ray didn't.
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