For the third time *this month* @chucktodd has put a Republican on its PANEL OF JOURNALISTS and not included a Democrat:

-Hallie Jackson, NBC
-Michael Schmidt, NYT
-Yamiche Alcindor, PBS

This is open bias. @MeetThePress is a right-wing show.
This is one of the most disgusting displays of bias on a top-rated mainstream news show. Last week @chucktodd's panel of journalists was two journalists and REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR SCOTT WALKER.

No explanation from @NBCNews and no inquiries by any reporters.
Before that @chucktodd's panel of journalists was made up of two NBC journalists and an open Republican who edits a right-wing magazine. Not a single Democrat is allowed on this right-leaning panel to spread GOP talking points completely unchecked.
I learned in journalism school that "three's a trend" — if something happens three times it's a pattern you can report and not a simple coincidence.

Why are zero media reporters writing about this? Is it not obvious that @MeetThePress favors Republicans?
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