This is just an appreciation tweet for the people I follow on here who belong to the Shia community in Pakistan. I’ve seen over the past few days what they’ve had to put up with and they’ve dealt with it with great fortitude and dignity. But as with the whole.../1
...people from Karachi are resilient thing, the onus shouldn’t have to be on them to be decent and courageous. They shouldn’t have to put up with this and then be hailed for their decency and courage. /2
There is too much expectation in Pakistan on the those who are vulnerable, wronged and aggrieved to be the bigger person, to be forgiving, to be “resilient”, to turn a blind eye to the things that happen to them. I know this from experience. /3
I also know that this is why things never change, because those committing offences keep on getting a free pass, while the offended are patted on the back and applauded for their knowing their place in the great hierarchy of things. /4
We really need to stop romanticising the courage and resilience minorities groups and vulnerable people have to show in this country on a daily basis. Yeah it’s amazing that they do it, but they shouldn’t be forced to. It’s just plain wrong and we need to recognise that. /5
Glorifying this type of resilience is just another way of perpetuating injustice and oppression - one of the few things that Pakistan has gotten really good at over the past few decades. /6
Vulnerable communities do not create these issues so stop expecting them to just deal with these problems and resolve them alone, because a lot of people are sick and tired of having to be brave and resilient all the time.../7
...while the majority just smile and come out with asinine and empty statements of appreciation, instead of taking responsibility for the change that this country so badly needs. /8
Anyway, that’s enough venting for today. /9
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