After attending yesterday’s protest in Trafalgar Square, I need to put a few things on the record.
Some of the things being said I agreed with, but unfortunately a lot of it I didn’t...
1. I don’t believe there is any connection between 5G and Covid-19. It frustrates me that this narrative is being voiced as it delegitimises the pushback against the wholly unnecessary Covid restrictions being forced upon us.
2. I am not against vaccines in general and I have received many as a child and adult. But I am against mandatory vaccination, especially in rushing out an experimental new vaccine for a disease which is rapidly disappearing.
3. I don’t believe there is a big evil plan to chip, track & trace us as part of a “plandemic” agenda. I believe this is instead a panicked overreaction to a flu-like virus, being exploited as a money-making opportunity by pharmaceutical companies. Fear and greed are the problem.
4. I don’t have any issue with fluoride toothpaste. I use it every day and I have no problem with it being in my tap water. I certainly do not believe it is “numbing our brains” or killing us.
5. @WHO is NOT impartial. Its biggest two funders are @gatesfoundation and @gavi. A clear conflict of interests. Corruption is very apparent in all levels of world government and in most large corporations. Sadly, money talks and money controls us.
6. And finally, I don’t believe Covid-19 is a hoax. It very much exists, but the response has been completely disproportionate. I personally feel we should have followed Sweden’s response, for whom life is largely now back to normal. Anders Tegnell got it spot on.
Caveat: All of the above is just my personal opinion. I’m always open to having a debate, being proven wrong or having my mind changed. It’s never good to have fixed, unchangeable views or blinkered thinking.
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