I was randomly reading a post in FB..while reading this lines these #SidNaaz moments came in my mind.I swear, I wasn't even thinking about them.I was aware of the negativity here. So wanted to stay away from here. But I just couldn’t help but came here to keep up with #SidNaaz.+
I never thought I will post anything here regarding them.but i just couldn’t help myself from posting.I was reading each lines and this particular moments came in my mind. Even if it reaches to any #SidNaaz fan and that person smile,I will be more than happy. So here r the lines
While reading line,this came in my minds..how She used to became His human shield..❤ #SidNaaz
How He calmed Her down,when She almost broke down after HK entry,promising Her to be with Her...❤
when She was trying her best to calm Him down,holding Him,giving Him the assurance that She will be by His side..❤ #SidNaaz
"Nahi jayegi tu" the confidence He always had on Her,even when She didn’t have on herself..❤ #SidNaaz
Despite of the fights,misunderstanding, how others tried to seperate them, they always found their way to EO,never gave up on each other...❤ #SidNaaz
while reading this line,I remembered a line I had read Somewhere,"Sacrifice is an act of Live".....It's very rare to find this kind of Love
may They keep smiling like this always❤ @sidharth_shukla @ishehnaaz_gill
#ShehnaazGiII #SidharthShukla
I used to come here, liked their post,and whatever that came in my TL regarding them,and leave from here. Today I just couldn’t stop myself from posting this.,this is so sad how people point out one negative thing,while ignore hundreds positive things..
This is the post if anyone wants to read incase my this post caught anyone's eyes..
#ShehnaazGiII #SidharthShukla
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