President Trump, Antifa/BLM has begun murdering your supporters in the streets, & the Marxist mobs openly celebrate as they burn American flags. When will you do your duty? You must declare this a nationwide communist insurrection and suppress it. @realDonaldTrump @MrAndyNgo
At this point, a civil war with the left can no longer be avoided. The Democrat Party is now the party of Marxist revolution/insurrection/jihad seeking to destroy our constitutional republic. Better for the fight to come while you are the clear, undisputed Commander-in-Chief.
The street skirmishes between your supporters & radical left have now gone to guns - in Austin, Colorado, Minneapolis, Kenosha, etc - there are many examples of armed Antifa/BLM terrorists pointing guns at Americans with some patriots fighting back. This will only escalate.
At this rate, we will be in open warfare against the Marxist insurrectionists by election night no matter what you do. You must do your duty now, by declaring this a nationwide insurrection, under the Insurrection Act, and nationalizing all National Guard Units to suppress it.
Expect it to worsen exponentially by election night, with the left intent on using terrorism to suppress conservative voters from being able to vote in person. The result will be, at best, a contested election.
Again, the fight is here, now, and will escalate no matter what you do, so you may as well do your duty and suppress it under your clear authority and duty. Yes, the left will react with extreme violence, but that is coming regardless. it may as well come now.
The goal of the radical left is to cause such chaos that there can be no meaningful, reliable election that will be trusted by the majority of the American people. Whatever the results, they will then declare you illegitimate, and you will have to suppress their insurrection ...
with that cloud of alleged "illegitimacy" hanging over your head. They will ramp up the violence, into open wide-spread warfare either just prior to election night or immediately after, forcing you to respond. But then they will declare your response to be self-serving ...
They will accuse you of declaring them in insurrection to "illegitimately stay in power" and they will then claim they are the legitimate winners of the election and you must be overthrown. You are much better off declaring them to be in insurrection NOW, before election night
This way, you are suppressing their insurrection while you are the undisputed President. They will react with open warfare. You can then suppress it and get the inevitable fight over with. It can't be avoided. Better for it to come now, rather than on election night.
The fight is coming. You may as well accept that and do your duty, now. Better for it to come while you are President and Commander-in-Chief and let them be the ones to open full scale warfare in reaction to your executing the law rather than in reaction to election night.
This is my analysis of where we are and what must be done. @StewartRhodesOK
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