Agnes Baker, a registered nurse, retweeted “Kyle Rittenhouse is a good kid. Agnes is a registered nurse. Medical racism is the number one killer of Black Women & Babies. Agnes has been allowed to fly under the radar Bc other white women ( her peers) enable her and probably think
She’s a “nice person,” so they overlook the fact that she’s a 45 supporter and makes racist remarks ( no I don’t know her but I’ve seen this play out numerous times). The Kyle’s aren’t how we got 45, it’s the Agneses. Agnes and her enablers gave rise to the Kyles. Without Agnes
Kyle would not be a thing. The Agneses of the medical field have more bodies on their hands than Kyle does but white women don’t do anything to stop them. They think if they vocally oppose the Kyles they’ve done enough. Meanwhile the Agneses are allowed to kill Black Women &
Babies with impunity Bc their Peers won’t hold them accountable. It scares me that her white peers saw her bio, saw what she retweets and NOT ONE of you said a thing. NOT ONE. Not One of you. If 45 wins again... that will be why
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