How many times CONGRESS divided Bharat in last 100 years.

1. In 1911 Sri Lanka's separation from Bharat which was supported by Congress leaders.

2. Burma-Myanmar separated from India in 1947, the reason was the Congress
3, Pakistan separated from India in 1947. The reason was Congress,

4. In 1948, Pak Occupied Kashmir was cut off from India and Nehru's policies tied Sardar Patel's hands.

5. In 1950, Tibet was cut off from India and the leaders kept their mouths closed.
6. In 1954, berubadi was cut and separated. The reason was Congress,

7. In 1957, China annexed parts of India & Nehru said that this was a grassy place.

8. In 1962,China seized 62,000 square mill area of ​​Aksai China from India, & Nehruji kept calling Hindi as Chinese brother.
9.The Burmese occupied Table Island in 1963, and the Congressmen remained silent. Myanmar has maintained an airport there.

10. In 1963 itself, Kutch area of ​​Gujarat, Chari Phulai was given to Pakistan.

11. In 1972, India gave the island of Kutch Timbu to Sri Lanka.
12. China occupied some part of Arunachal in 1982, and we kept talking.

13. In 1992, India took three bighas of land from Bangladesh and handed it over to China.

14. In 2012 also, Congress gave some square miles to Bangladesh and said that it was a swampy area.
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