Want to spend some time reflecting on this statement from @JoeBiden, below.

Simply, Putin's clear hold over Trump has to become an issue we are talking about this fall. It is reason enough to vote Trump from office, be fearful of his second term. https://twitter.com/IsaacDovere/status/1299892286650806272
But what's the evidence the President is compromised?

Let's create a list now of all the things the President has done in the last two years which appear to be outright gifts to Putin, interactions where it just isn't clear what the US got in return.....(here we go!)
Denigration of NATO, traditional US allies
Bloodying of Zelensky
Advancement of Ukraine attacked US in 2016 narrative
Abandonment of the G7
US departure from Syria
US reversing course on Maduro
Proposed Taliban summit meeting at Camp David
Looks the other way when Russia:

attempts to assassinate US troops in Afghanistan
injures US soldiers in Syria
sends white supremacist terrorists to US
threatens Belarus
poisons opposition leader Navalny
launches cyber attacks in US
commits all sorts of mischief around the world
Trump has helped Russia by

Burying the Mueller Report on its attack on the US
Working to exonerate Flynn, Stone (he pardoned the guy who worked with Russia in 2016!)
Firing US govt officials working to hold Russia accountable (too many to name)
Trump has helped Russia by

Holding back documents and witnesses in the Impeachment trial
Having US govt support partisan, corrupt Senate investigations into the Bidens
Parroting Russian attack lines on Joe Biden
Enabling Barr's witchhunt on origins of Russia probe
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