The Black Lives Matter protests and riots ended more black lives in 2 weeks than police took in all of 2019.

Yet Black Lives Matter raked in more money between the beginning of June and now than they have in the history of their organization.
While black children are slain in the street, black neighborhoods are burned to the ground and black businesses are looted and destroyed.

Something isn't adding up.

Black Lives Matter is laughing their way to the bank while everyday Americans pay the price.
Because Black Lives Matter made millions off of George Floyd's death.

That money is funding a Marxist revolution in the making -- and it's up to you and me to find out what they're hiding and why.
Black Lives Matter has incited riots and devastation across our nation, all while lining their pockets. It's time to investigate Black Lives Matter.

The leaders of Black Lives Matter are self-declared Marxists.
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