worst fear of mine is that one day, imma wake up to find an expose/cancel thread of me bc someone decided to misinterpret my tweets and not hesitate to dm me bc to prevent miscommunication
i vibe with respectful disagreements and hearing other opinions of moots/stans. despite my opinions, i’m still honestly quite an open minded person so if i’ve tweeted shit that don’t make sense or seems questionable bc y’all hv told me, i won’t hesitate to delete it.
i like fruitful debates and seeing things from all sorts of angles. im empathetic towards fan’s frustrations here but i also understand what i got myself into when i started watching iland. we only see what mnet & bh allows us to see.
some ppl unfortunately don’t vibe the way i do so if i retweet or say something that you don’t like, feel free to soft-block, mute or block me. quite frankly i’ll never know and won’t care. i’ve been blocked by 1000+ users on my other account bc of a mistake i made long time ago.
ofc, some ppl never accepted my apology as i had offended them. this was a mistake i had made without realizing it’s intent was harmful to others but i learnt from it. making mistakes is totally fine and i’ve learnt that. however, repeated mistakes are intolerable and not okay.
this was a lil bit of a rant but i wanted to let you know that i respect every single on of you and that your opinions are valid! unless they’re explicitly offending a trainee, i respect them bc we all feel and perceive things differently.
to think that everyone has too agree with me on certain matters would be foolish and is not realistic so i wanted to come clean and have this thread readily available in case an opinion of mine ever causes controversy and results in a widespread report/blocking of me 😃👍🏻
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