fuck it i guess i'm posting this thing tonight but i'm v excited bc i've been putting so much effort into this story shift for my mink au but i gotta preface it with some info first? so. in mink au, the moon is far more than what triggers the sulong form. (thread)
the moon carries an extremely powerful energy over minks and can alter their bodies beyond just giving super strength and increased prowess. It also carries healing properties. With enough exposure (and i do mean enough) to the moonlight, limbs and organs can regrow or regenerate
however, the process is incredibly tedious. a lost finger takes approximately five nights of moonlight to regrow. You can imagine how long it would take to develop a whole arm. So most minks who have lost limbs make it work.
Every so often, the moon develops a crimson hue and its power is increased tenfold. This is called the Red Moon. There's no recorded cause, but rumors say it's associated with those with the 'will of D' due to the most famous Red Moon occuring the night of Gol D Roger's execution
Minks who fall under the Red Moon's spell develop a sulong form like normal, except far more hostile and uncontrollable than usual. Even minks who have perfected and trained their sulong forms cannot control a Red Moon's sulong effect.
The Red Moon's power is so intense that it can even bring the dead to life. This effect can be prevented quite easily, but the effect still occurs. You'll see what I mean when I post my new mini-project for mink au! (end thread)
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