People without imagination are perhaps the greatest drain and threat to the world. They keep people starving, moving slowly and killing each other and stealing from everyone to solve problems. There are people who don't think Bitcoin can solve big problems. They're wrong.
People who think like this can't understand Blockstream Satellite; they think it's a "dumb science project". They've no idea what could come out of it, and they're not ambitious or imaginative. They think everything is going to remain more or less the same forever. They're wrong.
They also tend to believe democracy is inevitable, and that it is the best way of organising society. They think society is a person that has rights, and that might equals right, and that majority rule is legitimate by default. They're ignorant of the philosophy. They're wrong.
Innovation and new ideas don't come from the lowest common denominator. The automobile could not have come from a saddle maker's mind, and the light bulb could not have come from a candle maker's imagination. They think innovation comes from ordinary people. They're wrong.
Anyone who worked on Linux should know better than to underestimate innovative work. Linus Torvald's tool is everywhere, in every conceivable device. At first, it seemed like a hobbyist pursuit. Now its a global phenomenon. Some think this can't happen in Bitcoin. They're wrong.
The history of Bitcoin shows how foolish a pessimism is. From Open Dime to Lightning, time and time again the pattern is clear; a single man or woman has a breakthrough idea, and then everything changes. Some want to put an upper limit on what this means. They're wrong.
Democracy addicts, low imagination downers don't like discourse about the future. This -ve character trait some people and cultures have has nothing to do with reality. Public discussion of possibilities is good, harmless and fun. There are men who scoff at this. They're wrong.
Take Australia. Once upon a time, people believed that if you sailed into the horizon, you'd fall off the Earth. Now, Australia is full of people, because the Earth is a sphere, and not a disc. The people who think Bitcoin can't change the world are flat-earthers. They're wrong.
Saifedean is right about Bitcoin and can make a coherent argument showing his thinking. If you think he's wrong you must provide more than ad hominem to demonstrate why. Sadly, a small number of people working on Bitcoin don't like what it will do to society. They're wrong.
Bitcoin is going to do what we claim it will do. We don't like mass murder, poverty and waste and don't want to see any more of it. Stopping war isn't "hopium" it's a noble goal, and men who are for the system that produces war are the ones with the problem. They're wrong.
The world is changing. Only someone who is cloistered can't see it. From the epic changes happening in America, the end of the EU, "Elon Musk" and system wide changes like Bitcoin, anyone who underestimates how different the future can be isn't thinking clearly. They're wrong.
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