Remembering the #Karbala of #Afghanistan. #Hussain
Chehl Dukhtaro
Chehl Dukhtaro (the 40 girls) is the famous legendary story of the 40 Hazara daughters that committed suicide rather then handing themselves over to the forces of the Pushtun ruler of Kabul. 1/4
Amir Abdur Rahman Khan, during 1890’s genocide of Hazaras in Hazarajat (current day Afghanistan).
The Hazaras of Uruzgan put a valiant fight against the much bigger army of Amir of Kabul. The majority of Hazara men were butchered in masses, children were sold as slaves, 2/4
Hazara women and lands were distributed as “gifts” to Pushtun war lords that took part in the genocide of Hazaras. The same was repeated through out Hazarajat region. Today, with the exception of a couple of districts in Uruzgan (such as Uruzgan-e Khaas) 3/4
The entire Hazara population has been wiped clean and repopulated by the Pushtuns. 4/4
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