DO NOT mislead people by these lies.
None of these Mantras even remotely talk about Sati they in fact says exactly opppstly that a Women should return home after death of husband and live her life.

I can show you translations by multiple translators on this.. https://twitter.com/Vyasonmukh/status/1299787054121848833
Rigveda 10.18.7

DO NOT talk about Sati anywhere.o
Only some Feauds changed Agre to Agneh to force the meaning to Sati but that is against the whole context of Mantra.
Rigveda 10.18.8 also DO NOT talk about Sati at all.

See translations by two different translators here, none of them say what you said.

It says women should stop grieving for dead husband and return back to normal life.

Stop Feeding the Propaganda
Same with Atharva Veda.

None it these Mantras talk about Sati and look its Sam's mantra which says o women return back to home and live your life.
For more information about Sati read this- https://twitter.com/VedicWisdom1/status/1274336739687952387?s=19
For even more information see this https://twitter.com/VedicWisdom1/status/1270929559798472711?s=19
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