As white people we live in a society that was created to our benefit only - specifically to the sole benefit of white men. There have been “legal adjustments” along the course of history. But those adjustments came at the cost of the lives of those who were already suffering. 1/
We can howl “but we’re all equal under the law”, & while this may be technically true, it’s definitely not true in practise. Just look at our prions and how Black & Indigenous men are over-represented in that system. (2/)
Adjustments to a system that was designed to protect one faction of society and to reinforce their supremacy don’t solve systemic racism - nor misogyny/patriarchy/homophobia, for that matter - because those “adjustments” still reinforce societal inequality. Here’s why: (3/)
These “legal adjustments” become “gifts” lauded over the heads of BIPOC, women, & LGBTQ2 persons. We are told to be more grateful because “we have you the vote, didn’t we? We let you own property. We let you get married.” etc etc etc. (4/)
This demand that everyone who is not a CIS white man show gratitude for rights that white men never had to struggle or fight for but everyone else had to risk their lives - & often die for - is in and of itself an aspect of white supremacy. (5/)
BIPOC owe us nothing. They owe us no social niceties. They owe us no peace. They owe us no gratitude. And our placing behavioural expectations on those who are literally fighting in the streets for their lives is an act that reinforces white supremacy. (6/)
So here’s a thought; don’t do that shit. Don’t place YOUR expectations onto those whom you’ve done nothing to fight for.

And that’s all I’ve got. (7/7)
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