This tweet glosses over the fact that Trump supporters carrying automatic weapons marched to Portland in order to fight with the Black Lives Matter protestors. This was a premeditated terror attack.
Make sure you’re registered to vote and have requested your absentee ballot or made plans to vote early. All the info you need is here, in one place. Pass this to everyone you know. We have to win. 
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To all the people yelling at me about Antifa or whatever, just know that Republicans and the MAGA set will never care about you. They would let you die in the street if it made them a buck or spread their hate. You're devoting your time to people who don't give a shit about you.
The fact that it was a right-wing militia member who was shot and killed changes nothing. A caravan of seething racists carrying guns rolled into Portland looking for a fight, started shit, and hell broke loose. You're not absolved if you attempt a murder and get shot instead.
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