It's been 2 hours since the #Wanderhome oneshot I played in on @EveryoneDice ended, but I'm still thinking about it!

Thread about @jdragsky's Wanderhome incoming!

And while you're here, consider backing on Kickstarter 

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They've smashed the goal and a few stretch goals, but I'd love to see them hit the next stretch goal which unlocks the Wanderhome Community Fund which will help indie creators create within the Wanderhome umbrella (based of the model by Sandy Pug Games with Monster Care Squad).-
Ok so, our game! Me, @13etzwle, @TheWriteKC and @xochicoyotl decided we wanted an upbeat, pastoral game, very soft and wholesome. We all chose our playbooks accordingly; I played a Caretaker, AJ a Firelight, KC a Raggamuffin and Scottie a Moth-Tender.
The playbooks have such-
evocative pick lists and already help you start creating your own version of Haeth, the setting of Wanderhome. Each playbook also has questions to ask your fellow players to connect you to them. These are really great to grow your character & who they are, and-
they can lead to really unexpected and awesome developments! For example, KC's Ragamuffin asked my Caretaker 'how do you feel about the fact that I've decided you're my new parent?' Just like that our dynamic changed and our relationship took a turn I couldn't have predicted.-
And it played out really nicely in game! Our characters had some really lovely moments together, very emotional (dangit KC for making me teary!).

Another super awesome thing about Wanderhome is the worldbuilding. At the start of the game, you begin by arriving at a new place-
and you as players create that place right then and there together. You choose from a number of Natures, and go on to describe this place and tales of what has happened there. This fleshes out the world, gets you invested as a player and creator AND provides hooks for things to-
explore! AND! AND! on top of that it's just super fun! The pick lists of things you can choose to describe each nature are also very evocative and really get those creative thoughts flowing.

Together AJ, KC, Scottie and I created Starfall Meadows. It's a place of many beauties-
not all of them readily visible.

We played for little over 3 hours, just exploring Starfall Meadows. Meandering about, no huge goal, no bearing deadline. We even had a lakeside nap! It was such a refreshing change of pace from other #TTRPGs I've played. In what other game could-
you have a nap and think 'that was really lovely, wouldn't mind doing that again'? Wanderhome is such a peaceful game and a real breath of fresh air. I had a great time playing, and thank you to everyone who stopped by to watch!

The session will be available-
on youtube next week on the @CompassRosePro channel, so subscribe there!

Again, do back the Kickstarter if you can, you're gonna want to play this game. And then play it again and again. 
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