Tomorrow (Sunday August 30th) could be the busiest rocket launch day EVER(ish)! Join me for potentially back 2 back 2 back 2 back launches w/ 2 @SpaceX Falcon 9 launches, @RocketLab Electron's return to flight AND potentially Starship SN-6 hop too! Here's the links and times! 👇
Starting with @SpaceX #Starlink 11, I'll go live at 9:30 AM Eastern (13:30 UTC)!!! (here's your prelaunch preview for it!)
Then we'll be tracking Starship SN-6 150m hop all day pretty much with @SpacePadreIsle, might be as early as 10:00 ish a.m. but might be later, this will go live when they're venting! Here's your prelaunch preview - and stream
Then at 6:45 PM Eastern (20:45 UTC), I'll go live for an awesome Falcon 9 launch going to Polar orbit FROM FLORIDA!!! AND it's a return to launch site landing! It'll be awesome! #SAOCOM1B - and your prelaunch preview -
What’re you most looking forward to?! 🤔
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