1) Listen to this conversation between Mueller and Rep Gohmert closely.
2) Listen to what is said, did Gohmert have a slip of the tongue, or did the truth just pop out?
3) Mueller served as FBI Director already, for the maximum term of 10 years. He clearly couldn’t have applied for FBI Director position again.
4) Are we witnessing the biggest White Hat sting in American History? Perhaps Mueller was called back to active duty, as he was a Marine.
5) POTUS insisted Mueller wanted the FBI Director Position, but what if that statement was made to cover the real reason?
Why does POTUS keep extending the state of national emergency?
6) What would constitute a National Emergency? Treason? Having a President spy on another Presidential Campaign? Talk of Assass*<ing said candidate?
7) “Federal agencies can also shift civilian employees who have special skills to the military if there is a war or emergency declaration. Normally, this would be to backfill stateside support positions that
have been shifted to operational positions in-theater.”
9) I still believe this is happening behind the scenes. It would be happening in a very classified setting.
11) Why did this just happen today? What functions would be cut off if there was an ememy acting from within?
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