My little brother got mixed up and called “The Dukes of Hazzard” “Haxxa Doozer” and we’ve called it that ever since. What’s the thing you or your kids mispronounce that became standard family vocab? #weirdthingsmyfamilysays
My oldest used to conflate “elevator” and “escalator,” so “escalator” became her version of elevator, which was really just “feedo.” And she loved escalators so she would yell, in public places, where escalators are numerous, “MOAR FEEEDO! MOAR FEEDO, MAMA!”
. @guypbenson and I still say it every time we ride an escalator together. 😂 It always cracks me up.
Oh, this one’s good. I had one pair of argyle socks as a kid, and I hated the way the fit. So, at about 4, “argyle” to me meant “uncomfortable.” My dad was so confused when I kept telling him my pillow or shirt or sleeping bag was “argyle.” 😂
So, in my family “argyle” means “uncomfortable.”
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