An0ns Not a comm. Clearly! 🙄🤣 Convince me I’m wrong.😆 JK. It totally is!
Sheba looks like “she’s” packing!😳😂 Bad choice of pics Priscilla
👉🏻 Death date is Sept 11 - 911 🤨
👉🏻 Offered to adopt
👉🏻 Legal battle
👉🏻 “She” bit another dog
👉🏻 Making the calls & asking for her. WHO?
2. I’ll just pull up my chair... 😂😂🤣
The burning question is 👉🏻 WHO IS SHEBA?
3. She posted this link.
Still wondering why ‘She’ba has boy parts and is referred to as “she” by PP? 🧐💭
4. Hhmm 🧐💭😳 Melania is in the Gematria for “Sheba”.
5. Ok. Heads will spin on this connect here 🤯 I’m just reading it like I see it.
Who was the Queen of Sheba in the Bible? Metaphysical interpretation 👉🏻 Ruler over natural plane.
(Side note 👉🏻 Ham 🐷 descendants not higher consciousness; lower)
👉🏻 Enter Solomon...
6. Sheba came to prove Solomon “with many questions.”
“The sense of consciousness constantly asks an explanation of the riddle of phenomena.”
👉🏻 “She asks riddles of Solomon” 💥

⚠️Now watch this... Remember the RNC song Nessun Dorma from Sum of All Fears?!...
7. RNC song Nessun Dorma, in Sum of All Fears & other 🎥 Finale, Game Over. Q connect (in thread👇🏻)
💥BUT I caught it’s from Turandot (Opera China) “Any man who wishes to wed Turandot must answer 3 RIDDLES, if he fails 👉🏻beheaded!”😳
RIDDLES?! 🤯 Try to explain this 1! I’ll wait!
8. 1 thing I didn’t see a day ago on Turandot was the
“7 days, 7 colors & 7 corresponding planets”😯 That’s @realDonaldTrump! 💥👉🏻 777.
There’s almost too much to explain. See entire attached thread. I was tracking, I had pre-called it. But there are a ton other recent connects.
9. It just keeps going 😱 @hgraceq tells me that @realDonaldTrump tweeted “Esther is GREAT” 🤯
It connects precisely to what’s above 👉🏻 the 777; the 414 I tracked (see link above & pics).
Follow Trump timestamp 828 to Q Drop. Vid length is 1:03 & Q Drop times =1:03 MAKE IT RAIN
10. I use the term frequently. It lead me specifically to this one. I can’t explain more than what you see. #ButGod ☝🏻
You either fight for God or against. You’re either used for good or used for bad. I believe that’s how it works.

“Make it rain Q!! We are Ready”
11. Holy Moly! We are here again!
Adam Schiffty just tweeted a major comm connect.
👉🏻 German Shepard 👉🏻 Mia (I just saw an “L” missing somewhere). 13 is also female = Venus ref.
#paperplanes is a GIANT rabbit hole! Attached 👇🏻
TS = #Cult93 💥 “our family”. Oh someone’s down!
12. OK I looked. Where was his wife? If you read my thread above & attached #paperplanes & his “trafficking tech Th0rn” org. you’ll understand why I’m asking!
“ima” lower case 🤔💭 👉🏻 Mia = paperplanes communication. Mia = miLa Kun!s See? 👀
Who is Sheba?!
Also did E!!en decode
13. So it wasn’t until I actually was typing it out in this other post that I realized that Priscilla Presley could be comms for Planned Parenthood 💥 PP 💥
47 - 322 - Sanger = Planned Parenthood
AR = Clinton’s.
Watch out for that STORM named Trump! 😂 ⛈ Floods incoming! 🗣
14. Good point here made on Schiffty’s tweet time by @WinnerzNvrQuit.
Convert time zones. Many references including 911.
Amazing that it can be so many. It’s just how it works.
We see them and cancel their evil deeds. 👀
15. I am just making sure that everyone has seen this thread because it is EXTREMELY RELAVENT, and it gets lost in twatter thread space. It is above linked but I am adding the full link here....
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