1/n #VeteranOrOrphan VETERAN OR ORPHAN : Ever thought that the immaculately turned up jawans on Rajpath smartly marching are soon to become Orphans? Veteran Orphans. Strange isn’t it? I introduce you to the DARK WORLD OF A SOLDIER AFTER RETIREMENT.
2/n #VeteranOrOrphan Age at retirement
👉🏻Sub Major-51-52 yrs(-8 to -9 yrs)
👉🏻Sub-47-48yrs (-12 to -13yrs)
👉🏻Niab Sub by 44-46yrs (-14 to -16 yrs)
👉🏻Hav by 40-41yrs (-19 to -20 yrs)
👉🏻Naik-39-40yrs (-20 to -21 yrs)
👉🏻Sepoy-35-37yrs (-23 to -25 yrs)
In ‘-‘ yrs left to attain 60yrs
👉🏻Subedar Major - 0.2 %
👉🏻Subedar - 2 %
👉🏻Niab Subedar by - 3 %
👉🏻Havildar by - 10 %
👉🏻Naik - 20 %
👉🏻Sepoy - 65 %


95% of jawans you see in RD Parade will face UNEMPLOYMENT for 20-25 years
4/n #VeteranOrOrphan ACP, Time Scale Promotions loose relevance on retirement. Retirement is FIXED. Pension for a rank is fixed. We throw 65% at 36-37 yrs age and another 30% at 40 yrs age at very small pension. It cannot sustain a family with small kids.
5/n #VeteranOrphansOfState Everyone in Armed Forces joined "Central Govt" service. Nation requires young army. Perfect. What responsibility should nation have towards 100% PBOR who retire between age of 35 to 52? Pensions are related to Rank. They have families but no jobs.
6/n #VeteranOrOrphan Ask 100% JCO and ORs, they are ready to give up pensions in lieu of a central govt job that protects service & pay till 60yrs age like any other central govt job. Give pension at 60. Widows & Disabled state is pathetic. No one outside Army has faintest clue.
7/n #VeteranOrOrphan So here we are, whip up war euphoria & give lip service. Not even Armys own look after them. Yes their leaders, Military Leaders! EVER heard serving/retired Chiefs, Army Cdrs, Lt Gens and officers in position of influence bringing this to national attention?
8/n #VeteranOrOrphan This is the crux of problem. Its brutal in Army. The problem gets compounded for Infantry, Artillery, Armoured & Air Defence- the "fangs" of Army. Most are low in education. They bring victory to nation but are left to fend for themselves at 36-40 yrs of age
9/n #VeteranOrOrphan The retired are out of Army like fly from milk. Army has no jurisdiction over them.Why? Because "Secretary DESW" in MoD is new father. He has 100% Veterans & Widows under him. A new king now commands the erstwhile Service Personnel - now fatherless orphans.
10/n #VeteranOrOrphan FIFTY THOUSAND PBOR must retire each year to keep army young. With practically no skill set as is demand of industry, what do they do? Most look old, haggard, tired and disappointed with life and Govt. The finest workforce reduced to dirt.
11/n #VeteranOrOrphan If there is an orphan of state its this Soldier. Dumped at 37 yrs, on their own for whole life thereafter. Army cannot do anything since he is out of their jurisdiction. Secy DESW does not do anything since he is airdropped. Generals couldn't care less. So?
12/n #VeteranOrOrphan In last 37 years I havnt read serving or retired chiefs, Army Cdrs, Lt Gens or people wielding influence on Veteran problems. Soldiering makes one useless. Do you know journey of a soldier from "womb (recruitment)" to "tomb (retirement at 60 yrs)"??
13/n #VeteranOrOrphan Politicians cannot be blamed for "politicisation" of forces. Each day everyone screams at PM. He is doing his job. Did we do ours? We spent four years on streets for OROP "anomalies". Its bread crumbs. Did anyone bring up Veteran Soldier issues?
14/n #VeteranOrOrphan The real and only issue is one. SEAMLESSLY INTEGRATE A SOLDIER INTO SOCIETY. He gave best to country while serving and now let him do a central govt job till he is 60. Start pension thereafter. Create infrastructure that just 40-50% take up Cent Govt jobs.
15/n #VeteranOrOrphan We do not require Guderians, Rommels and Eisenhowers. We require "human beings" who think for India & do not differentiate between forces. Who think above NFU, OROP, MSP, IAS, IPS. We require politicians, bureaucrats & generals who are 'humans. We have none.
16/n #VeteranOrOrphan Whose baby is a Soldier or a Veteran or a Forces Widow? They definitely do not belong to those who can matter. Those who can matter have learnt ways to get TRPs, shout, cry, talk strategy, TALK CHINA but learnt to be quiet on #GalwanMurders
17/n #VeteranOrOrphan I extensively addressed @PMOIndia #RajeshPratapRudy, #SmritiIrani & #PrakashJavdekar in May 2015 giving solutions through #SkillIndia . The essence was to capitalise SKILLSET of soldiers that seamlessly integrates them in society. They are not interested.
18/n #VeteranOrOrphan Armed Forces have all specialities. Utilise it to create skills. Right down to districts have Self Sustaining Skill Centres. Imagine Army, Navy and Airforce- We could skill India from grass roots. It’s just a matter of knowledge, commitment and passion.
19/n #VeteranOrOrphan The options suggested seamless integration of a jawan from forced retirement to 60 yrs age. Recommends no military pension at 37 yrs age. Create employment and engage him till 60. Pension thereafter. @PMOIndia could have done it from 2015. Its not too late.
20/n #VeteranOrOrphan 35 lacs veterans and widows, 16 lacs serving, over 50 lacs plus average 15 household members makes it 5-7 crore people. @PMOIndia can address real issues of PBOR that sets a positive narrative. Let nation building become extension of military service.
21/n #VeteranOrOrphan Watch TV debates on Armed Forces. The following are the problems;
👉 OROP analogies.
👉7th CPC.
The most convenient topic to AVOID is life is a soldier from Retirement to 60 yrs age. Avoid talking about Widows.
22/n #OrphansOfState Ever wondered why ECHS, Kendriya Sainik Board, DGR and CSD are NOT under DMA? Secy DESW in MoD looks after ESM & widows.
Who knows a widows whereabouts?
HQ Army, Air Force, Navy?NO
Kendriya Sainik Board?NO
Zilla Sainik Bd? NO.
SO NOW #WidowIsOrphaned again!
23/n #VeteranOrOrphan ALL ESM and Widows are under the Secretary ESM Welfare, the Armed Forces HQs have no say, control and influence over them. Respective records are under Army, PAO is not under Army & Dist Soldier Bds the last "office". Can you see ZERO LAST MILE CONNECTIVITY?
24/n #VeteranOrOrphan Read this thread to know HOW retired Soldiers & Widows are orphaned. No one talks about them, for them & stands with them. There are approx 40 lacs veterans & widows. Ever imagined this? First reaction? Declare to world that THIS 👉🏻 @ColSanjayPande LIES
25/n #VeteranOrOrphan Tweet 1 to 24 tell you how removed from reality are our very own Army Officers who later are Veterans. ACTUALLY reality is known and hence we turn face. We are masters in blaming bureaucrats, & more such issues that permit shouting on TV.
26/n #VeteranOrOrphan Bringing Soldier, Veteran and Widow issues does not get you promotions, Governorship, Ambassadorship, a Lok Sabha ticket, TV slots or AVSMs & PVSMs. It’s safe to analyse ‘strategy’ which, while in service one was clueless about. We have failed.
27/n #VeteranOrOrphan We the veterans Officer lot has failed. We failed the uniform. We failed in our oath. We failed to follow Chetwode Credo. We failed our own men. We failed our widows. We were not serious looking after our men.We did not do our jobs. We continue not doing it.
28/n #VeteranOrOrphan What happens to Veterans and Widows afterwards? I am doing a thread #VeteranAndWidowDIAV a thread that analyses each and every claimed benefits extended to Veterans and Widows. DIAV stands for DIRECTORATE OF INDIAN ARMY VETERANS. Let’s take a walk.
29/n #VeteranOrOrphan There is a dichotomy. From training to Command, it's Naam, Namak, Nishaan, Paltan, Izzat, Honesty, Integrity & Nation first, Men after that and Self last. Only a handful continue with these till end. For other only SELF remains, other things vapourise.
30/LAST #VeteranOrOrphan This is the thread that takes you further 👉🏻 https://twitter.com/colsanjaypande/status/1299676263582294016?s=21 #VeteranAndWidowDIAV DIRECTORATE OF INDIAN ARMY VETERANS -An org created to look after Army Widows and Veterans. @adgpi Is it true that DIAV retains 7% of all donations it receives.....
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