Police defending the chuds and directing traffic on the Morrison Bridge.
Oh man, these chuds are really driving in circles downtown with American flags, Trump flags and Confederate flags getting cussed out by actual Portland citizens.

There are lots of pickups. Pretty sure they are just circling.
Blocked the parade for a few minutes and the chuds tried to hit me with pepper spray, hit 2 people with a car, and pulled a knife and tried to slash a tire (and failed).
Police watch @MissHolliLinn get hit with a truck and refuse to make a report, despite her actually having the crosswalk.

Police later claim to not have footage.
This shit is crazy.

Child is threatening people with mace. When I call him out his chud buddy stands up with an AR.
Just walked through a cloud of mace and temporarily lost an eye.

@TheRealCoryElia got hit in the mouth with a plastic ball.

@riindia is out here working medic OT.
When the police finally made an arrest...
Mood Change!!
A huge protest group just arrived. Lotta Black people. A few chud trucks are still ripping through the streets but they aren't engaging anymore.

War drums accompany a spontaneous march up 3rd.

Some kids are burning a Don't Tread On Me flag.
The crowd forms at the park on 3rd and Salmon.

A drumline charges the group while a Trump campaign flag is burned.

@MrOlmos checks his devices.

People are putting on gas masks.

A second (yes, second) gunshot rings out. This one closer than the last.
And we're chasing gun shots.

Cops are all over this. An ambulance just left the scene in a rush.
Word is there's a man down. Cops have the scene locked up.

Cops are guarding the parking lot upper floors and denying access from above.
There's a body in the street. (Not pictured.)

Asked the police if they think this shooting could have been avoided if they'd expelled the out of state guntoters. No comment.
Joey Gibson appears and gets yelled out of the area.
Fight breaks out and the cops start yelling at me.

I ask why, he responds "I don't know."
The crowd tries to cross Burnside and the police show up with DJ LRAD.

An impressive string of people march South towards the JC.

Bars are closing soon. I'd bet money the crowd grows in 25 minutes.
Got a report that windows have been smashed at the Chevron.

Driver in a green car wearing a ski mask wearing just skirted off brandishing a long arm, he was earlier seen with a pistol.

Looks like he darted up Washington.

Chopper is in the sky.
Got confirmation that Gibson is holed up in the Chevron. Cops are allegedly protecting him.

Not going to investigate. Heading to the JC with the crowd.

I spy a well lit graffiti photo.
Trumpet Man is safe and back out of jail after that scrap earlier. Does not seem concerned with his latest charges.
Video taken from parking lot confirms white man dead, apparently from a single gunshot wound.

Meanwhile, Joey appears to be hanging out with police on Burnside.

BLM chants going strong in the park.
There are maybe 300 people out here. People are getting it together after a stressful string of events.

A young speaker discusses the violence of white supremacy to an eager crowd.
Black Lives Matter!
The crowd keeps growing. The park is full of people.

Police still have the area taped off down by Morrison.

This speaker is SPITTING. Please have their people call my people.
Another Trump 2020 flag burns.
The rumor is that hundreds of Patriots are enroute to kill us all.

OK. Everyone making exit plans.
I'm still here.

Got the wife outta here. Squaded up though.

Fuck Donald Trump plays from a speaker, cutting through an otherwise funky vibe.
The cops are clearing the crime scene tape and going out of sight.

Might as well grab some grub and get eyes on the bridge...
Scoped a couple of likely chuds, another three maybes.

One raised truck with green lights on his wheels and WA plates has been circling.

Trumpet Man found a shirt.

A young lady - also not from here - sings songs near the monument.
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