my favourite hc will forever be dave and klaus returning from vietnam in the beginning if 69, they stay for a while in san francisco and then take a road trip across the country to go to woodstock
they give a ride for every hitchhiker they find on the highway, dave is responsible for the playlist and klaus starts writing a journal on their days on the road
when they arrive they camp on the top of the hill and watch the concerts from there, they meet tons of people and feel so comfortable being around everyone, there are a lot of other mlm and wlw couples too
the music is really loud on day 1 and there are a lot of loud voices, but somehow it doesn't trigger their ptsd... they're surrounded by messages of peace and love and klaus feels safe here, no ghosts bother them that day
by day two it was raining heavily, so Klaus and Dave dance all day in the rain and by the end of it they're pretty much all covered in mud, at night they cuddle underneath an old blanket and watch Janis Joplin, Klaus never thought it was possible to feel this happy
day 3 and they're so exhausted and hungry but dave can't stop talking about jefferson airplane, there are people distributing fruits and klaus and dave are laying in the grass eating oranges with their heads touching while they wait for the next concert
they end up meeting one of their war buddies that was still in vietnam when they left, they share hugs and sit together in front of their tent, they talk about everything but the war
in the next morning klaus is playing beatles's songs on the guitar they brought from san francisco, dave asks him to play "in my life" while he fixes what's left of the tent, the majority of the people already left but klaus insists in seeing hendrix
when it's over they finish packing up and say goodbye to their neighbours, klaus is gifted a handmade bracelet from an old lady that was at the festival with her husband, she says he reminds her of their lost son 'cause he was also fiercely free and she hopes klaus never loses it
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