when i say i hate yt ppl i mean YOU i mean every single mayo monkey on earth fuck them crackers just go commit incest or colonize a country i do not give a fuck about you or your dirty ass please pay me reperations rn instead of running ur white ass mouth https://twitter.com/legoshiful/status/1299789132940677121
when white people suffer it makes me happy it fills me with ecstacy it's the light in the darkness its the happiest moment in my day when white people suffer i get excited and when they embarras themselves i get even happier
fuck your white ass your mothers white ass your grandmothers white ass your dogs white ass your cats white ass your house white ass your dirty carpet yeah fuck all of you yes your neighbour too fuck her white ass
seeing white people ruins my day whenever i see white people on selca days i BLOCK them whenever i see white people in the streets i get disgusted i wanna puke fuck all of you white mayo monkey
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