Hello folks, publisher here.

When Shaun King says he doesn't "make a dime" off of selling his books, and he was already paid for them "a year ago?" If that statement is true, what it means is his book has yet to earn back his advance on royalties. https://twitter.com/VeryWhiteGuy/status/1299752515488096260
(Yes, it's entirely possible that he signed a mind-blowingly bad contract and really DID get a single payment, and his publisher now owns the rights, but I very much doubt it.)

He's pushing his published work in this moment cuz he wants the book to ROLL OVER into profitability.
Because when that happens, he'll finally start getting royalty checks.

Presenting his work as as something "he's already been paid for" is technically true, but very likely weaselly obfuscation of the highest degree. He's trying to get paid for it some more. This isn't selfless.
Shaun's track record gets worse every time he opens his mouth. I now believe him to be primarily concerned with his own profile, importance, and pocketbook, and this incredibly tacky email only galvanizes that. Please unfollow, unsubscribe, and stop any financial support.
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