Ok theres something that snuck up us and if it was a snake... it would have bit us all...

A “Book” of sorts.

Freemasonry : The Doctrines of Darkness.

Thumbed thru a few pages and poof.... it’s an extremely HOT topic and it ranks high on the 💣 scale.

Even a cover page..
“A witchcraft seminar” at Southern Methodist University ...building an altar to the goddess Diana so the students can leave sacrifices to her..

Would you be amused to know the relevance of Diana?

In Italy, in the town near Nero...there’s a mountain range that encircles this
Lake. What would happen is Caligula would have ships lured into this lake that was named “Diana’s Mirror”, a proceed to Murder them all as a sacrifice to Diana..

The name of this mountainous area on the water?


Yes. This is where Hollywood got its name from.

Why do they call Hollywood...Hollywood???

Because that’s the type of wood witches use in order to make their “magic wands”.

From a Holly tree / bush

Why do you think they had so many movies and tv shows based around witches and witchcraft? To recruit young girls into a coven
Back to the task at hand..

Here we go with more “It takes a village bullshit”

Wanna know how we know it’s bullshit?

One word Hillary.


They literally upped the ante to a half of an island and you still manage to carry em out like a 12 pack of beer.
Speak of the Devil himself (not even lying) they were given a 900 page Act and given 9 days to pass it....

Like our favorite Cursive speaking Californian, Passed Out Pelosi would say.... “💦💦Ksbnxgjbznvxnzn💦💦

Who’s behind this? Slick willie and his new cigar line...
The Pubin Cigar. He likes them right out of a ‘Humonica’

Now I swear it was somewhere that we read that the Teachers Union was as worthless as funbags on Big Mike.

Well hell we even have the actual University where they brainwash these “future indoctrinators of America” 🙄🙄
This set of pictures are sure to make any “sane” parent pissed

It’s not like HW Bush couldnt screw us anymore after the whole “Noachide Laws” he signed so we could all be beheaded at around this time. Had to steal the kids too

Churched it up as “Parents are Teachers”
That’s some level 10 foreshadowing, because right now, there’s not a school In America that I would send my child...

Why? We just had to relearn EVERYTHING that those Teacher’s Union Board half assed hacks required. They only care about the State test scores
Don’t worry. Cheer up! When your child is born... you have zero responsibilities. They even assign a social worker.

But if you teach them about God or Jesus.... your ass is heading to Rikers Island. Got it??? Don’t worry. They would make sure your kid was in good hands 🙄🙄
Look. Homeschool your kids. At least until President Trump and his team puts a new learning structure that we all can agree on.

The truth.

Now do you understand why Flat Earth is bigger than you realize?
You cannot be one who is all about the Bible and still ridicule those who are conveying the facts to you that its in that same book over 30
There’s only so many times that we will keep saying the same damn thing. There’s a HUGE reason why the FBI dropped that early. They are setting their own stage for disclosure.

Who are the Ashkenazi Jews that Are poised to take us over??
Think “No Such Agency”

It’s the National Security Action.

Well it looks like President Trump has been crossing off the ones who have taken the “Dirt nap” for being Traitors.


If you Red. You Dead. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

He’s our Savage Troll King.
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