IU once said to us, "You're not allowed to say thank you to me, I'm the one who should say that."

But no IU, thank you... for being the light in our fire💜

You have been through so much yet you have continued to shine brightly.

A 🧵 because I'm emotional.

#IU #아이유
Your 12th debut anniversary is coming soon. You have walked on this path since you were 15 which equals half of your life.

You seem so fragile but behind this petite body lies a strong woman who has been fighting all the challenges life is throwing at her.
I've seen so many people trying to bring jieun down but it's not easy; her glory is too much to be clouded over such things.

And after all, edam, iu team and her Uaenas are there to protect her💞

Now that I think about it, the world doesn't deserve a gem like you. Too precious.
You are soft-hearted, just doing what you love with all your sincerity. Whether it's acting, singing, composing, producing, writing lyrics, etc, your earnestness always shows.

It baffles me how people manage to hate you.
I don't want to understand it either cause it's baseless
Your countless fireflies will keep shining for you for all the decades to come. Remember that fireflies can stay by your side for 1000 years or even more because you are truly worth it.

I love you, my shining star, IU💖
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