I admit I don’t get on social media much—working like a dog, gah! But I’ve just had my first days off in a year, and I chose to spend them with @CheapPop (because they are such wonderful word-hosts and what else is there to do—can’t go outside, gah!)

#WritingCommunity #amreading
I’ve dug through the archive over many hours and will be counting down my favorite @CheapPop stories of all time.
Disclaimer: this is meant to *highlight* and not to be exclusive. All the stories are great! I’m just choosing the ones that grabbed me particularly hard, shook me, and won’t let go.

#writerslift #writerscommunity
Disclaimer 2: I read most of the archive, but not ALL of it, so some r missed b/c I missed them! Totally subjective and non-scientific!
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