1/3 Kamala Jadala is a Carnatic hymn by Purandara Dasa, an Indian philosopher from the 15th century, celebrating the victory of good over evil. Did he foresee the Nov 3 outcome?
Carnatic music is a genre of music developed in South India with prehistoric roots.
2/3 Kamala Jadala is a geetham (song) composed in Sanskrit, an ancient Indo-European language. A geetham is the simplest form of Carnatic music that requires a much smaller variety of vocal techniques and embellishments than advanced versions.
3/3 Set to Bharatanatyam dance, this video is another episode celebrating the rich cultural heritage of India's Southern states. @KamalaHarris' mother Shyamala Harris is from the Southern state of Tamil Nadu. #VoteBidenHarris2020
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