A week ago patient X came to our hospital. He had travelled 350+ Kms to our hospital. He had very high degree of fever and completely toxic looking, had saturation of 91%, low BP & various DDs were on his old case sheets ranging from Dengue, Malaria, Typhoid to suspected Covid
Our first clinical diagnosis was Dengue, he had come all the way from interior of North Karnataka. We had very less reason to believe he was exposed to Covid(although the situation now is different)
He had completely deranged sero-chemistry with elevated liver & kidney parameters
This prompted us to run a battery of tests to find the cause of infection but he turned negative for Dengue, Malaria, Typhoid the usual first line of suspects.

His ultrasound abdomen showed enlarged liver, kidney, swollen guts and pancreas suggesting multi system inflammation
Our in house physicians Dr Lavanya Sangeeta Sharma & Dr Mohamad Haneef were not impressed by my diagnosis of Dengue like Syndrome. They continued with their research and further testing of patient. Dr Lavanya after close examination of patient skin thought there was some rash
We sent for Weil Felix test to diagnose diseases caused by Rickettsia; like Scrub typhus. It turned out positive and patient was put on appropriate treatment. He recovered in 2 days flat after that.

I have never been more happy to be proved wrong. It is a wonderful feeling
I am so happy with our team of specialist doctors who pressed on to find the right diagnosis and treat the patient while it would have been very easy for them to take umbrage under my diagnosis and give broad based non specific treatment.

I am proud of you #TeamACE keep it up.
Happy to note that today patients come all the way from Raichur, Bidar, Bellary, Hospet & Davangere to ACE.

It shows that we are doing something great and wonderful with the opportunity given to us by Mahadeva.

May Guru Basava bless our team with more success.
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