Yajñopavit for women(thread)-

I had written on this topic before, but this time covering more details from Vedas to clarify.

Brahmcharya Sukta of Atharva Veda(11.5) explains Brahmacharya and what it means.

Mantra 3 says-
आचार्य उपनयमानो ब्रह्मचारिणं कृणुते गर्भमन्तः । तं रात्रीस्तिस्र उदरे बिभर्ति तं जातं द्रष्टुमभिसंयन्ति देवाः

Brahmchari Goes near Guru and gets his Upnayana Sanskara done as Upnayana is initiation of Vedic studies.
Then it explains about Brahmcharya vrata and then it explains what happens after Brahmcharya period is complete.

Mantra 11 says

ब्रह्मचर्येण कन्या युवानं विन्दते पतिम् । अनड्वान् ब्रह्मचर्येणाश्वो घासं जिगीषति ।।

A girl also follows Brahmcharya just like men and study Vedas.
And after that she marries a Husband in young age. So women had to go through Brahmacharya Aashrama just like men used to get Yajñopavita.
And Women did wear Yajnopavit as mentioned in Gobhila Grhiya Sutra 2.1.19. It is very clearly written proving that women used to wear Yajnopavit.
Now some people claim that Brahmcharya means only self restraint and not Following all Brahmcharya Aashrama.
And they say that because mantra 18 talks about Bulls and Horses with Brahmcharya. I will clarify this here-
First, if meaning is taken as self restraint, it wont apply on on Bulls and Horses at all, that are animals they don't have self restraint.

These mantras are describing what happens after the studies are complete.
Earlier mantras (16,17) says Brahmchari becomes king and rules
with Tapa of Brahmcharya and with Tapa of Brahmcharya a girl takes a suitable husband.

With tapa of Brahmcharya( Proper training) even an animal can become powerful enough to compete with others. Hence an Upma is given here because in preceding verses....
It is said Brahmchari becomes a king and rules, now a non Brahmchari king can also rule, or a Non Brahmchari woman can marry.
But to show they are better than normal Abrahmcharis this example of trained animals is given. That a person properly trained is better than others.he
Hence it is clear women used to wear Yajnopavit and used to study Vedas just like men.
Now can anyone wear Yajnopavit? No
Only those who are serious about it,good natured, can follow major rules (following all rules are not possible now like not wearing Shoes or not using Umbrella etc)
Are allowed to wear Yajñopavit because it is sacred and holds importance.
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