"The reason our industry is ageist as fuck is because the older white men who run it (and bizarrely don't seem to think that #ageism applies to them in any way) fetishize youth."
#changetheratio #diversity #liveolder #sayyourage
"Our industry badly needs older people - or, as I like to call us, experts." @3PercentConf
Because we're experts in all THIS - and what ad agency, holding company, and any company in general, doesn't need THIS?! #disruptaging #sayyourage #liveolder #ageism
'We're a powerful force in popular culture w the ability to shape what people think, believe & do.We can change the way aging is depicted in ads by changing ageism within the industry itself. If we do that, we can change the way society views aging' @adage https://adage.com/article/opinion/opinion-eight-ways-turn-ageism-its-head/2174851
'Companies don’t understand that experience and expertise are incredibly time and cost efficient, and that they could be making huge amounts more money by hiring, promoting, valuing and retaining older employees.' @NewDigitalAge1 https://newdigitalage.co/2019/02/16/rebels-misfits-innovators-50over50-cindy-gallop/ #LiveOlder #SayYourAge
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