We need to stop complicating matters. Test few days b4 inbound flight has proven to be ineffective. Our focus should be on test on arrival & Self isolation. Mask, sanitizer etc during flight essential. True guarantee is test on arrival & isolation regime.That should be our focus https://twitter.com/faan_official/status/1297879119779303424
I will also advise d Nigerian govt to pay for all Tests on arrival while d passengers pay for their self isolation (if needed). Test should be at the airport like Ghana is doing. A +ve test days after arrival doesn’t mean virus was brought in; it could have been contacted locally
Risks cannot be eliminated completely, so needless huddles must be avoided. Can u tell a Nigerian not to come back home bcos he has Covid? Costs surrounding flying also need to be manageable to help revive the dying aviation sector.
With some passengers testing positive on arrival despite having a Covid clearance certificate from other countries (obtained as a condition of flying into Nigeria); there is no point insisting on this. We should be doing our own testing on arrival & control the narrative.
Government response need to be proportional; necessary and effective. Most travellers will not have Covid, that much we know. So do we impose on d majority for the sake of minority that may need attention. Balance is needed as we kickstart d economy.
If Ghana can create a Covid test regime at their airport that gives result to all passengers in 15-20mins; we need to be ashamed of our test regime that can take several days. Govt should stop making excuses and create an Agile solution that is safe & opens up the economy.
Management of Risk is different from Elimination of Risk. Covid is here to stay. And we must begin to manage it as a risk factor rather than trying to eliminate it with hash and costly demands that can cripple an already struggling economy.
Reads this table if you want to know the difference between the expensive PCR test (Nigeria insists on) and the cheap Antigen Test (used by Ghana and many other nations). As you can see neither gives certainty. It’s about management of risk in a proportionate way.
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