Aavani Moola festival - #Madurai
#meenakshi Amman #Temple -dedicated to Sundareswarar&his Thiru vilayadals(Miracles) #Thread

9th day of this festival Puttukku Man Sumandha Leelai(Shiva carried mud in return for puttu -
(made of steamed riceflour & coconut) from his devotee

📸 - prev yrs event as this yr festival is cancelled.
It is celebrated at Puttu Thoppu in Madurai,south bank of River Vaigai.Shiva helped a old women - Vandhiammai in this http://place.It  happened at the time when Vagai river was flooded.
Pandiya king ordeded that each house should depute one person from their family to fill mud in the banks of Vaigai River to build a massive bund to protect from flood.Vandhi - Puttu selling old lasy was sad that she had no one for this work.She prayed to Shiva for help.
She was unable to carry mud herself,so planned to offer Puttu for those who help her.Nobody come up to help her.Shiva came as youngster & offered to work for her in return for Puttu.
After eating the delicious puttu,Shiva then slept off by the river bed while others worked on.
The king was monitoring the progress of the work. Supervisors found this boy sleeping on the banks without doing his work & informed the king.King summoned the boy to meet him.
King asked boy to complete his work.But the boy refused.King got angry & struck him with a cane.The moment he hit the boy everyone including the king felt pain.King realised his mistake & bowed down to Shiva.Shiva performed this thiru vilayadal to give moksha to the old lady.
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Source text - based on madurai meenakshi temple for u blog
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